When you start your day off on an optimistic, planned, and deliberate note, you'll be amazed by your anxiety reduction as well as the other benefits you'll get.

With this brief morning routine, your anxiety will begin to drop and your life will be heightened.

  1. Relax early

    According to the natural anxiety reduction professional Hannah Hepworth, "when you wake up early you can have plenty of time to get where you need to go. You can function quietly, instead of running and shouting."

    Getting up early to "crush it" really isn't a good idea. But when you wake up early you've got more time to focus on things like self-care and reading that you're often not going to focus on if you hurry out of the house every day.

    Build up and start slow.

  2. Make up your bed

    The reason your bed is so strong is that it helps you to complete a job effectively first thing in the morning, which then build momentum to continue doing more for the rest of the day.

    Creating my bed has taught me how anything you do will be like doing everything you do. No matter how bad or frustrating your day becomes, you can make your bed at any time. And if you complete that in the day; it's still a win.

    I hated making my bed when I grew up, now I love it. I get really angry sometimes when my fiancé does it before I get a chance to do it.

  3. Meditate / Pray

    I used to be very sceptical about meditation like some of you. Just the word itself has an aura of omming and incense. I didn't want to lose my dignity or be one of those cross-legged hippies playing the banjo and singing Kumbaya. But as I dug deeper into the study, I found that meditation on consciousness (without religious ties) can have significant, positive effects on your brain and help to substantially reduce your anxiety and depression.

    According to an article written by the Harvard Medical School, "Meditation in mindfulness can help relieve psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and pain."

    Well... If Harvard said it was effective, I'd better try. So, I gave it a shot utilizing Headspace's free 10 day preview. And the tests were good. Within five days I started feeling calmer and had more insight regarding my thoughts and emotions. This took me many months, though, to make this a daily activity, but now that it's a constant of my morning routine, the results have been less pressure, greater clarity in business decisions, and greater happiness overall.

    I began my study of mindfulness and meditation and it brought so much deeper and more therapeutic into my life. By being present at the moment you begin to wake up to how much chatter you daily have in your head.

    The aim is not to suppress such thoughts but rather to be aware of them and to work skillfully on them.

  4. Take a cold bath

    Disclaimer: Looks awful. In fact I didn't do it for months when I first learned of it because I didn't think it could help because I loathed the idea of taking a dark, icy shower. Nonetheless, after having consistently taken a cold shower every morning for 3 months, I can tell you that the benefits are huge.

    The research underlying tolerance to cold is not fresh. Cold shower therapy is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine that has numerous health benefits such as anxiety and depression recovery, circulation enhancement and skin toning. Use coldness as a' healthy stressor' on the body will aid in causing some positive responses within the body. This enables the regulated elicitation of normal cell healing, reduction of pain & inflammation, and metabolic processes in the body.

    A research by Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine Researcher Nikolai Shevchuk of the Department of Radiation Oncology showed that cold showers would relieve, and even eliminate, depression and anxiety. Shevchuk believes that fast, cold showers will activate the ceruleous locus, or "gray spot," which is the primary source of noradrenaline in the brain— a biochemical that may help mediate depression and anxiety. The body is stimulated by an aggressive force — in this case, cold water— which induces a calming reaction in the body and can lead to lower levels of anxiety and depression and a variety of other benefits.

    The easiest way to get the psychological boost is by having a cold shower for 2-3 minutes once or twice daily, followed by a 5-minute incremental temperature change (i.e. beginning the hot shower and ending it with 2-3 minutes of pure freezing goodness). Just having a cold shower will strengthen the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems in your body, improve proper blood supply through your bloodstream and relax your muscles to remove contaminants and toxic waste.

  5. Go for a walk

    Until recently, I'd always start my morning with a cup of coffee. Since I can recall, I have been drinking the drink and I never wanted to lose it, but there came a point when I knew that curing my anxiety was far more important than coffee's benefits. So I have gone cold turkey.

    I needed to replace the habit with another, more beneficial one, though. I thought a thirty-minute walk early in the morning would be a great way to start the day. It not only gets me out of the house and helps me to enjoy nature, it also increases blood flow and mood.

    It has been known that some of the most famous men and women are huge meanderers (I think I made up that, but that's ok). This new update to my routine was highly satisfying to me.

    Give it a try, but leave home with your cell. Just appreciate your surroundings and be grateful you have been awakened this morning.