1. Inject a gainful success norm before you start winning

    “How would your life change if you made decisions TODAY as if you were already the person you want to become TOMORROW? We tend to live up to our own feelings of ourselves (for better or for worse). If we plan to become something else, what better way to do so than to step into that skin now?” —Richie Norton

    What your current circumstances are, doesn't matter. Once they start winning they behave like champions.

    How you grow into is your attitude. Mental formation appears to precede physical growth. Who you are in your head is who you end up being.

    What are you in your head at the moment?

    Once you step up as a leader, the first thing that happens is that you and everyone around you start looking for progress. You begin to crave it, and believe it can be. In turn, you begin to change your behaviour.

    All starts at you. Wherever you are in the organization, it does not matter. As Robin Sharma states, there is no formal title to real leadership.

  2. Constance between disorder, and success

    Many people are incapable of handling disappointment or success. We are on a roller-coaster behaviour, depending entirely on external circumstances. People feel stressed or discouraged when things aren't going well. They're overconfident and lazy when things ' going well.

    Once you pose as a leader, though, your attitude and actions remain constant regardless of success or loss.

    You march to the beat of your own drum. All that's outside of you is noise. Its underlying dream and principles inspire you to move forward. The integrity is an indication of your devotion to your cause.

  3. A simple reference point is set for you to remain consistent

    You'll provide a strong standard of excellence when you want to lead. Your level of excellence is your reference point, keeping you truthful and consistent in every case.

    This means there are not too many bad days in a row. Or get haters distracted. Or become overconfident when he succeeds.

    Your reference point is really what you believe in. That is why you are doing it. If you struggle and lose, you run to your reference point. You look to your reference point when you are smashing it. What is your Reference Point?

  4. Clear performance metrics are set to hold you accountable

    How, behaviorally, does success look like to you? What really is your job? What does it take you to do? How do you decide whether or not you fail or succeed?

    Strong metrics should be in place to measure yourself against. It's not enough to know exactly what you should be doing, though. There needs to be clear transparency.

    Where applicable, the obligation should be to an actual person, not just a spreadsheet. Your performance will increase when you are required to report your progress — especially to someone you admire.

  5. You represent the standard of excellence as the chief, and know that you are the ultimate goosebump

    When you are not showing up as a leader, it all falls apart. You're the definition of what looks like optimum performance. You become the standard of excellence for others to follow, living and breathing. Their mission and values are represented.

    One thing is absolutely certain, anyone following you will imitate your performance— whether it's good or bad. Yeah, you are the perfect goosebump. Your failure to reach next level is hampering anybody who depends on you. Personally and professionally, you can not take people beyond where you actually are.

    Darren Hardy, author of The Compound Effect, has therefore concluded, "Never take advice from someone you wouldn't be dealing with."

    Who you are pursuing decides where you will be going in life. If your leader doesn't move forward, you don't move forward, because your results are a representation of the results of your leader.

    Therefore, as the leader, you should be nuts in your dedication to become the best you can possibly. The stronger you are, the more easily you can help others get to where they need to go, because you have already been there. The core of real leadership is pure possession. You don't do it for yourself anymore, just so you can take those you lead forward.