Some of the best decisions that we make is not doing something. I'm convinced more and more that we are weakening ourselves merely because we see other people doing it, and nothing happens to them — not necessarily. It takes you a little time to catch up with the consequences.

  1. Stop eating out the whole time

    It doesn't just make your pants tight. It makes you slow, miserable, and broken, too. I had lunch for the first time in months last week. The soup sandwich cost almost twenty dollars. Ouch, man.

    All you need to do is stop. The next thing is to start cooking for yourself. Google makes it much easier than ever to learn how. Quite a change like that gives you extra cash, a healthier body, and a sharper brain.

  2. Stop hanging around with your toxic friends

    We fall into many categories — money zombies, codependents, narcissists. They're not bad people, but they need to focus on themselves instead of feasting on your time and energy.

    Get rid of them.

    It is not that difficult. Half of the time, you just have to stop answering their calls. Stop on the last minute agreeing to meet them for drinks. Stop waiting for them to turn up in half an hour.

    They're going to lock on another one.

    When you are in any kind of toxic relationship, you don't see how much harm it is doing. You get used to the congratulations with the backhanded, the cradling of ego and the constant drama.

    Cutting them loose would set you free to truly achieve your dreams, in ways you never thought possible.

  3. Start fights for things you don't care for

    Human beings have a sly little habit of wanting to be right and succeed. Sometimes it doesn't even matter the stakes. We get into all sorts of stupid arguments when we're young.

    It is not really changing when we grow up.

    Rather than yelling about superheroes and Disney princesses, we get angry about stuff like shapes and deadlines.

    Thought of that the next time you feel annoyed by something insignificant. Stop and consider how much of your day you want to spend with someone you barely know at work exchanging verbal bullets. So pretend you'd rather do something, and then go do it.

    Regardless of the situation, the quickest way to do anything is not to give up on your urge to shame someone, rake them over the coals, or get into the last word. The buzz is easy to wear off. Furthermore, you just give the other individual more chances to get you pissed off.

  4. Quit giving the opportunity to piss you off

    So your boyfriend or girlfriend conveniently forgets to turn off the bathroom light. Your friend keeps letting you down. Your ride to work is still turning up late, causing issues at work.

    That sucks, but all you've got to do is quit giving them an opportunity. Don't dump your friend because he's leaving the light on. Buy a light with a sensor on it. Find a different ride to work if you can.

    Some of us secretly love it when someone lets us down. Occasionally we want to play the victim. Overtime, it's becoming one of the worst habits. We're spooning out control of our lives to anyone who's unqualified. Then we're going to sob about the results and wish for better friends. You can't find any better friends until you know the ones you've got.

    You already have some decent friends, too. You just need to start giving them your affection, instead of paying attention to the mongers.

  5. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else

    This is one of those things that you will never be able to completely avoid. We constantly compare ourselves to other people, without even knowing it. But the less you do, the better.

    A healthy person clearly sees when they have begun to equate their body, income or job title to someone else's.

    We quit. And we quit. They do that by picking something else to reflect upon. Otherwise, you will waste entire days doing nothing but wishing you had what is taken for granted by someone else. Envy is the worst form of procrastination. It's not even half as fun as the video games and Netflix.