1. Maintain an Optimistic attitude

    Happy people will sustain happiness as they have a positive view of life. It is really seeing the world in rose-colored glasses.

    What you think of the first thing in the morning will pretty much dictate the rest of your day's vibration. After all, it is easier from a higher perch to maintain a good feeling than to try to play catch-up from a lower one.

    In any case optimistic people will always find a way to see the silver lining. Even when they are frustrated by life they know there is a lesson there. They realize that there is something that happened there to teach them and broaden their knowledge of themselves.

  2. Don’t Compare themselves to Others

    Why? For what? And whether you are looking from a higher or lower perch doesn't matter; it is poisonous.

    Since when has it ever felt good in life to compare yourself to someone else? Only equate happy people to an earlier version of who they were. Every day they compete with themselves to be successful. They dedicated themselves to maintaining a healthy mental balance.

    We know the path from that position of self and of work.

  3. Show gratitude

    When you're appreciative of what you got. What you've just got is enough. Setting goals is fantastic and you should totally, but where happy people vary they are grateful.

    Every day they get up and say "thank you" whether it's loud inside or out.

    Happy people always realize you have to work from the basics. I think by basics you're thankful for the air in your lungs, your wellbeing, your ability to change if you want.

    We understand that which is present in their lives and see the beauty around them.

  4. Pledge kindness to the world

    It goes without saying but it is a two-way street when you do something generous. You feel good as well as the giver, and the receiver.

    Happy people make RAKs (random act of kindness) a part of their character. They open doors, support someone with their stuff, they offer a compliment for no reason, they do and in exchange they expect nothing. Not from the individuals they donate to either the RAK's or the planet.

    We WANT to be a worldly sun. We want to be a lightning rod for thoughts of goodness.

  5. Holding friendships involved

    "Only so many seats are at my table" a friend once told me. What this means is that they don't have a lot of partnerships but they're meaningful ones that they do have.

    Happy people are building friendships with people they could truly count on. If life gets difficult, their friends tell it how it is and show up. Often, they celebrate the best moments together in life.

    Happy people retain these deep connections, and let the shallow and trivial acquaintances slide away. We see that having purpose-friendship benefits both parties. A friendship has the purpose of helping one another and raising one another up. Someone you can really get into conversation with and who knows your inner world.